The Volkswagen Group undertook the biggest change in its long history: a process that will see it transform from carmaker into the world’s leading provider of sustainable mobility solutions.

This transformation is the core of the TOGETHER – Strategy 2025, a detailed program geared towards the sustainable growth of the company through various initiatives.

For the Volkswagen Group the mobility of the future will be electric, connected, shared, self-driving, safe and comfortable and will be made up of ultra-smart and innovative products designed to meet different needs: individual, collective and commercial, both in the city and for long-distance journeys.

A constant evolution

The Group is continuing to invest in electric mobility and digitalization, making increasing use of artificial intelligence - not just for the development of the vehicles but also for the various business processes - and focusing close attention on new mobility services.

Electric and self-driving vehicles, advanced driver assistance systems but also on-demand transport: all of this is already a reality for the Volkswagen Group, a company with over 620,000 workers and 120 sites in 4 continents and which in the R&D sector alone employs over 49,000 people, who operate in 37 competence centers and digital laboratories across the world, from San Francisco across to Beijing taking in the headquarters in Wolfsburg and cities like Berlin, Munich, Prague and Barcelona along the way.

Roadmap E

The Volkswagen Group is launching the most comprehensive electrification initiative in the automotive industry, "Roadmap E": 80 new electric models by 2025, an electric version of each of the 300 models that make up the complete portfolio by 2030 – for all the brands in all markets – and major investments not only in the development of the vehicles but also in the development of the plants, labor, recharging infrastructure and sales and distribution organizations.